“My work explores perception in relation to the familiar, it takes that which is commonplace or no longer engaging and reinvests it as a place of attention. Small interventions or modes of presentation exploit aspects of selected objects, places and materials. The idea is to slow down the act of looking, to elicit engagement by adjusting the familiar. In a society which competes ever more loudly for our attention, the human response is often to ‘tune out’ or to succumb to automatic responses. Through intrigue, play and the unexpected, I wish to re-engage attentiveness, especially around materials and things which we believe we already know.”
Marie Hanlon

Marie Hanlon is an Irish artist working in sculpture, installation, video and drawing.
She holds an MA in ‘Art in the Contemporary World’ from the School of Visual Culture NCAD, Dublin and a BA in English and Art History from University College, Dublin. In recent years she has produced several collaborative projects with Irish composers, notably with Rhona Clarke. Her work has been exhibited and screened widely in Ireland and internationally. In 2015 Marie Hanlon was elected to Aosdána – the official body of cultural producers in Ireland.