Exhibition at Draiocht, Centre for the Arts, Dublin

DIC TAT comprises a synchronized two channel video and a suite of drawings, The work explores variations of mark making while drawing to the pulse of a metronome. The metronome ‘dictates’ the pace, beating out precise measures for the drawing hand to follow. In music the function of a metronome is to regularize a player’s timing, but here the objective is the opposite. Split seconds between beats allow choices – choices which result in variation, a line can be longer, shorter, curved or straight, it can change direction or require the pressure on the drawing tool to vary. Although the hand endevours to observe the strictly measured beat, the mind retains a freedom and the resulting marks are notably varied, expressive and irregular.



video still
drawing-real time-metronome-63 beats

Metronome drawing 63 bpm

pencil on paper

Drawing to 63 bpm

drawing-real time-metronome-88 beats

Metronome drawing 88 bpm

white pencil on acrylic coated paper

Drawing to 88 bpm

drawing-real time-metronome -96 beats

Metronome drawing 96 bpm

crayon on paper

Drawing to 96 bpm