Off Centre

Exhibition at Droheda Art Centre, 2016

Off Centre comprises small artworks made of found material, lighting, commonplace items and references to other works, such as Man Ray’s Cadeau (1921). The exhibition called for a tangential move to produce new 3D works. This accounts for the title – Off Centre, but also relevant here is obliqueness of reference and disruption of fixities. Works seek to create some distance between what we expect and what we actually see. An earlier moving-image work Cornerspace (2014) provided the starting point for the exhibition. Mixing real items with studio props Cornerspace sought to blur boundaries between reality and illusion. A re-edited version was included in the exhibition.

Eight works of variable scale and media, 2016
Cornerspace video duration: 05.02 mins

small art object-white perspex structure with lit interior-two doors

Inner Space

acrylic model with inner black wall and light, 2016
cube-peep hole in top-an eye within looks back

Eye To Eye

acrylic box with spy hole, photograph and mirror, 2016
a curious eye-finds another curious eye-returning its gaze

Eye To Eye

artwork-monument-for Man Ray-found materials

Monument for Man Ray

nails, staples and salt cellar cap, 2016