It’s All About Books

Exhibition for The Cregan Library, St. Patricks Campus, DCU, 2019

This exhibition looks at the role of books in our culture: the book as artefact, object, document, resource, entertainment, concept etc. The works engage with the materiality of books, also with aspects of their history and future in a technology driven world. In Black Book, text and margins are inked to total blackness, while Unwritten offers a shelf of white blanks. Works such as; Ghost, The Life and Death of the Author, Murder Mystery, explore points of intersection between writer and reader, reader and fellow reader. Staging the exhibition in a library created a parallel context for the works. Included were; seven pieces presented on plinths, a moving image dialogue shown on an IPad, a transparent work in a light box, and an opening night performance which transformed into an installation for the duration of the exhibition.

The Life and Death of the Author

prepared book with noose cable, 2019

Black Book

book saturated with black ink, 2019


book of transparent blank acetate pages, 2019

Book of Mirrors

mirror and mirror foil, 2019

New Words for Old

prepared cover, based on 2012 Oxford Junior Dictionary, 2019

Murder Mystery

prepared book, 2019


a shelf of blank books, 2019


shredded book in perspex casing, 2019

Ulysses Bolted

prepared book, two views, 2019

A Conversation Between You and Me – Real Books in a Virtual World

moving image displayed on an electronic device, 01.56 mins, 2019


Performance still, 2019


Post performance installation


installation detail, printed shirt – text from ‘Dubliners’ by James Joyce


installation detail, printed bag– title page from 'The Elements of Euclid' by Oliver Byrne