Lines Tell Lies

Exhibition at The Source Gallery, Thurles, 2017

Lines deceive the eye and all is not what it seems. The exhibition Lines tell Lies presented works in which line was employed as a transforming and provocative element concerned with ideas of perception and the act of seeing. It was an attempt to persuade the viewer to accept realities which did not exist. Reality blurs into fiction through means which are playful and intriguing. The viewer is asked to believe that air has solid form and that illusion has real substance. An interval of time exists between the first moment of looking and the true realization of what one actually sees. This short span allows a shift from looking to seeing and from seeing to perceiving.

Wall-drawings, plinth display and wall mounted works, 2017

Double Vision

Left: pencil drawing with wall extension, right: an actual door, 2017

Falling In

3 glass pieces with glass painted lines, 2017


glass with glass painted lines and pencil on L shaped panel, 2016



What Remains

real staples and drawn staples, 2016

What Remains


Staple Drawing

pencil on paper, 2017

Nothing to See Here

old stretcher frames with translucent and clear perspex, 2017


coloured pencils with trailing lines on wall and floor, 2017

Pointed and Ready

pencil stubs in a box, 2016

End of exhibition

gallery with plinths